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I Invented the Breakfast Burrito

I invented the breakfast burrito. Not alone mind you. Just like Alexander Bell had Watson, I had Dave.

Dave is a friend like a giraffe has a long neck. He is a friend to the extreme. He is the kind of friend who if asked to do anything in his power, doesn’t ask why, just asks how soon.

When we were young men we liked to shoot pool and partake in adult beverages. We liked to do this until the wee hours of the morning.

Then we would take short naps and head off to work. Those days we worked at a truck stop in Verdi, NV. It was more than ten miles from our houses in Reno so as we drove we ate our breakfast.

Our breakfast at 6:30 AM almost always consisted of a quart of chocolate milk and a beef and bean burrito.

The worlds first breakfast burritos.

This was years and years before McDonalds started wrapping sausage and eggs with a tortilla. Sure our burritos had the standard burrito filling, beans and beef, sometimes cheese. But they were still burritos for breakfast. It’s all we could buy and after shooting pool all night we sure weren’t going to cook. Us around an open flame wouldn’t have been prudent.

So we took what we could get. Burritos for breakfast at the 7-11 on the Sierra Street Exit of I-80 in downtown Reno. It was convenient. The burritos were easy to eat while driving or in Dave’s case, riding. They were hot because the 7-11 foolishly let us heat them in a microwave. How we never blew up is beyond me.

So we invented the breakfast burrito.

An easy to hold breakfast that not only fills you up but also absorbs adult beverages like a sponge. It was perfect. You wash one of those giant El Paso brand burritos down with a quart of cold, chocolate milk and you had the perfect kick start to a day of dealing with truckers.

Next I’ll tell you how I invented the chocolate milk, anti tailgating missile.

With Dave’s encouragement of course.


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