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I thought Cats liked Tuna

I was trying to stick to my diet and eat protein for a snack. My choice was Рtuna  packed in water. Have you ever tried to eat tuna around a cat? Cheeto would not shut up til I gave him some.

Then he showed his thanks by barfing on my office carpet.

And people wonder why I am a dog person?

I am a dog person because they have the stomachs of a garbage disposal. I can feed my dog, Maximus, almost anything and he will not only eat it but he will catch it in mid air if you throw it to him.

Mind you, he won’t catch anything at first. You have to hand him a piece then he will catch everything else. Apparently he is afraid I am trying to poison him. Me, who raised him from a puppy. Me, who got him through cancer. Me, who had him neutered. Oh, wait maybe that’s why he doesn’t trust me. He fell asleep at the vet and woke up without a couple of things.

Trust or not, he wants to eat anything I eat. He is not thrilled when I diet. He is a not a big fan of me eating oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch then skipping deserts.. Recently when I lost 60 lbs he dropped 20. So it does keep his weight from getting out of control.

But any way you look at it, I’ll take him over a hundred cats any day of the week.0409111850-00James and Maximus waiting for dinner.

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