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In the Middle of the Race?

Why can’t we  just watch a little NASCAR, eat chips and drink beverages? Is that too much to ask? We pretend to work hard all week, we shouldn’t have to go through that on Sundays too.

All I wanted to do was watch the race. I didn’t ask for running commentary on the pluses and minuses of carpet care. I do not know, nor do I care, what is the best way to clean a Berber . I don’t even know what animal was skinned to be a Berber. I am thinking something in a warm weather climate because the thing is as thin as a worn flannel shirt.

I know shag comes from zebras because when I was a kid I had a car that had a shag dash board  and it was black and white striped. It’s funny in the pictures of zebras their hair doesn’t look long and thick. You would think in Africa they would sweat their black and white cookies off. Maybe they dip themselves in mud like rhinos?

Back to the NASCAR. I don’t care how much bean dip and beer gets spilled on the rug it can wait till tomorrow to be cleaned. There was no need to get out the hand shampooer in the middle of a long green flag run. It’s hard to hear the accidents and the endless mind numbing blather of the commentators with that noisy little gizmo running.

I say next week I am laying down the law and a good sheet of plastic. After the games I can just roll up my mess and throw it away.

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