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It’s Sunday…it must be time for NASCAR

On 36 weekends a year I watch NASCAR. On two of those weekends I barely pay attention – today was one of those two. The reason is,  they were racing on a road course. Many people like the road courses. I am obviously not one of those people. To me NASCAR racing on road courses is like the NFL having a couple of soccer games thrown into their schedule.

Most NASCAR tracks have only left hand turns – road courses also have right hand turns. Most NASCAR tracks have four turns (Pocono has three). Today’s track had eleven.

Those three things makes the racing different but it’s not what bothers me the most. What bothers me is it’s hard to watch because it’s long and winding and I have trouble getting a sense of the action. In other words – who is in first, fifteenth or thirtieth? I couldn’t tell you! And that’s why I don’t like it.

Then to make matters worse. In this redneck of all sports, the winner receives a giant wine glass. It just doesn’t seem right!

But I will tell you a couple of things I like about road course Sundays. On most Sundays I get up early and watch every minute of about 17 hours of prerace coverage. Today I cleaned my garage. So for all the complaining I may do, road courses are actually good for me because I get my chores done.

That brings me to the thing I like best about road course days.

They only happen twice a year.

And even I can suffer through doing chores twice a year.

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