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James Puts Tooth Pick Into His Foot

Some kids look forward to school starting again. Some kids wish summer would last longer. Some kids would stab themselves in the foot with a tooth pick to get a day or two more of summer vacation.

James swears that it was an accident but one has to wonder.

foot with tooth pick in it.

James’s foot with a tooth pick embedded into it.

I was watching the NASCAR race with my wife when James came upstairs and said he stepped on a tooth pick and it stuck in his foot.

He was right.

I had him sit down so I could pull it out. I told him to hold his foot still while I gave it a firm, quick tug. I tugged and the tooth pick stayed in his foot.

I realized this might be a job for a professional because I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

We drove him down to our town’s, (Glasgow, KY) new urgent care facility. They got him in to see a nurse then a doctor within a few minutes.

Iodine on foot injury

At the urgent care facility after nurse put iodine on wound.

boy waiting for doctor for foot injury

James waiting for doctor to pull tooth pick out of foot. he had to wait about two minutes but I still took picture.

boy at urgent care

James after the tooth pick was pulled out of his foot. Mom in background. His not mine.

james waiting to be discharged

James waiting to be discharged. The doctor gave him a few souvenirs including the tooth pick..

tooth pick close up

The tooth pick is in the top of container. Not a great shot but  does show tooth pick. About two thirds of it was embedded into his foot..

So James survived the tooth pick. He will have to attend school the first day. He is on antibiotics for five days.

James stepped on the tooth pick going down the stairs into our finished basement. He did it at about 1:30 and by two he was discharged from urgent care. Makes you want to live in a small town doesn’t it?

He said the most painful part was the shot to numb his foot. Isn’t that always the way.






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