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John’s Birthday Cake

John’s birthday was small – so far.

He only had a couple of people over on his birthday because of his work schedule but this weekend I understand he is having a “thing.” I know this because when I said  bye to one of his friends they said “I’ll see you again Saturday at John’s thing.”

I am not sure what a thing is but he is having one and I am assuming it is going to be at our house. maybe john will let us know what a thing is and how many people are attending his “thing.”

Back to his real birthday party.

A nice little party with close friends and family. We ate grilled hamburgers. I grilled. My wife served watermelon and cantaloupe grown from our garden. A green salad with peppers and cucumbers also grown in our garden. Potato chips and Doritos not grown in our garden.

Then of course the chocolate cake with chocolate icing decorated with Magic cards.

Hope John Enjoyed!

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