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Kale is the Super Food

I recently read kale is a super food. I’ve tried kale and I have tried food. Kale is not food, let alone a super food. I should clarify that statement. Kale is food but not for humans. Cows maybe. Horses perhaps. Rabbits probably.

Me? No!

I don’t care how many vitamins it has in it, I am not eating it again. Yes, I said again. When I first started the Fast Metabolism Diet I was desperate to lose weight. Desperate enough to try Kale. Even desperate to eat it at least once a day for two weeks. It was disgusting. I’ve had cut grass, blow in my mouth, while mowing that tasted better.

It may be a super food to some people but to me it’s cow fodder at best.

After four months on the FMD I am not as desperate. I have dropped 60 pounds and I can be a little more selective when I choose foods. I don’t have to compete with Bessie the cow for my noon meal. I can now feel okay with a piece of salmon and cucumbers. Neither have super powers but neither makes my gag reflex activate upon swallowing.

It’s one of the best benefits I’ve experienced by losing weight.

The ability to expand my food choices and feel okay.

In the beginning I still had the feeling that if it tasted good it can’t be good for the diet. That feeling left 30 pounds ago. I realized there is a lot of food like grilled salmon which tastes great and doesn’t add pounds.

So kale is off the grocery list for good, thank God.



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