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KFC Buffet

I was on a diet for four months. I am, as you know if you pay attention, taking a Summer hiatus from it. I want to enjoy my Summer and that’s hard to do if you are dieting. I don’t want to go wild and gain weight but I do want to indulge in a few things, I haven’t had in awhile. One of those things is the KFC Buffet.

This is where it gets hard. A fried chicken buffet might be too indulgent. Then you add mashed potatoes and gravy and maybe a biscuit or two and you have a weight gain. Did I mention a fried chicken meal to me consists of several chickens. To clarify, I don’t mean chicken pieces – I mean chickens!

It also comes with a drink. I am trying to stay on my caffeine free and sugar free lifestyle so the drink choices are very limited. I can go with water but the KFC Buffet includes a drink in the price so if I go water, I’ll feel like I am not getting my moneys worth. Sure you could argue, 14 pieces of chicken, two biscuits, mashed potatoes and gravy all for less than eight bucks is not a bad deal. The problem is, when I look at it, I figure about two dollars of the price is drink so I am getting the shaft when I order water.

By the way the reason they include a drink is to help fill you up because 10 cents worth of Coke syrup mixed with water is less expensive then you or me having two more pieces of chicken. It’s the same reason places like Golden Corral or Hometown Buffet have the server offer you rolls about 29 times while you are shoveling shrimp into your mouth at an alarming speed.

Back to KFC.

So on one hand I want to go eat my fill of greasy, tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken but on the other hand, I want the luxury of being able to walk to the mail box without resting. FYI – my mail box is 125 feet from my house so it’s not as bad as it sounds but it’s still pretty bad.

I am sure if not today, one day soon, my craving will win out and I will go to KFC. It’s the least I can do after fighting back cravings for four months. I guess the solution is; eat like a normal human. Don’t pull a chair up to the buffet and treat it like a dining room table. Maybe even be sensible and order off the menu instead of buying a buffet.

You know, I hear that ten piece with mashed poatotes and gravy is a good. Maybe I’ll try that.

I wonder what the wife will order?

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