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You Have to Be Kidding Me

Today is November 25th. I can tell because yesterday was November 24th and according to the calender tomorrow is November 26th.

If I didn’t know all these things I would of guessed here in the south it is the dead of winter. In Kentucky we are used to decent weather this time of year. A normal late November day has weather in the high fifties maybe even low sixties. It’s not unheard of to see the seventies in the fall. Even this late in the fall.

This year is different.

Yesterday the high was in the low thirties. Low thirties? You have to be kidding me! I am not a big fan of cold as you may know if have read much of me. Today it’s slightly warmer but it is snowing.

Snowing in Kentucky – south Kentucky.

snow in November

Our back deck picnic table tonight.

If I wanted this type of weather I would of moved to Alaska. Possibly northern Montana with the bears and wolves. But not Kentucky. It makes me miss the year and a half we lived in Florida.

Florida where we swam on Thanksgiving. That’s my idea of good November weather. Not snow, ice and frigid temperatures. My wife, on the other hand, likes this kind of weather. It’s never been absolutely confirmed but it is believed, she likes it mostly because it gives her the opportunity of placing her frozen feet on mine when she gets into bed. How a living human being can have feet that cold is beyond my comprehension. I’ve known snowmen who have warmer feet than her.

So tonight should be fun. I’ll get into bed and wait for that moment when she crawls into bed and puts those miniature icebergs onto my normal feet. It’s like dipping your toe into a frozen pond.

And to think this is November 25th. I have at least three months of this to look forward to before the thaw of spring.

Now I know why so may retired people winter in Florida.

To keep their wife’s feet warm.

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