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Kmart – Is It Just me?

Again I ask, is it just me?

Technically this time it wasn’t me. It was Christopher. I was just a long for the fun. Since we live in a small town with limited shopping we decided to try Kmart. Actually we were forced to try Kmart. Not by armed thugs or pirates,  by WalMart.

We went to WalMart and they were too busy doing inventory to let us bother them with trying to buy something. Plus their shelves were pretty empty. I assume to make the count easier but I know for a fact it made purchasing, what we wanted, impossible.

We drove across town to Kmart.

Found a parking spot quite easily.

Went inside.

Christopher found what he wanted fairly quick. Unfortunately it was on a rack that you needed some kind of key to release it. We looked for help, Then we looked for help. We looked in Layaway – nobody. We looked in Electronics – nobody. We looked in Sporting Goods – nobody.

We looked everywhere!

We ended up in the front of the store at Customer Service. The item we wanted was in Automotive. Automotive is in the far left, rear corner of the store. Customer service is in the front, right corner.

The woman said she would page someone. We said we would meet them in Automotive. Before the person arrived a manager came out of the back and asked us if we needed help. We said we did. He said he didn’t have the thing to release the item but he would go look for something to get it loose. Which is what Christopher wanted to do when we first couldn’t find help.

While he looked for a hammer or something the sales woman came to our aid. She abruptly asked us what we needed. We pointed to it and she pulled out a gadget, like a cowboy at high noon, and released our desired purchase.

We followed her to Electronics to pay for it. We mentioned on the way about the manager and she said “He’ll be fine.”

Okay, not our problem but pretty rude of her.

She rang up the item and pronounced the price. It was 10 dollars higher than it was marked. I objected. She sighed. Then she scurried off to prove me wrong. She came back in a few minutes muttering about how “they didn’t take the sign down.”

She then started pushing buttons on the computer like a car rental agent. After about three minutes, lots of beeps and some mumbling she announced the right price.

Chris slid his credit card and we left.

On the way out we counted 5 total employees including the Customer Service woman, the manager, the mumbler and two cashiers.

5 employees in what they call a Super K.

Now that’s a store staffed to impress.

So again I ask.

Is it just me?

Of course not.

It’s at least me and Christopher!

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