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My Last Smoke

I have quit smoking for the year. Smoking meat that is. I smoked my last meat of the year on James’ birthday Tuesday. I smoked a beef brisket. I smoked a pork shoulder. I smoked a few chicken thighs. I also smoked a pan of pinto beans with green peppers and onions.

I would like to smoke more meat this year but when the weather turns cold it gets hard to finish the meat in less than a day or two. Take James’ birthday for example. I started the meat at 7 AM and it was done by 8 PM. It’s too bad dinner was scheduled for 6 PM. So guess what? We ate Taco Bell and smoked beans for dinner with smoked brisket and birthday cake for dessert.

Not a traditional birthday meal but at our house it was popular.

But every thing has it’s season and smoking season is over.  It will give me a chance to give my smoker a tune up. Maybe replace the burner with a new shiny one. Get it ready for next spring when the weather warms up.


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