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Lawn is out of Control

You can tell by my lawn I like writing more than I like mowing. It looks more like a wheat field than a lawn. To say the least – it’s out of control.


lawn needs mowing

Lawn Needs Mowing

It started to get out of hand when it was raining everyday. That was a week ago. So now after a week of constant rain and a week of sunshine it’s tall enough we may lose our dogs and they weigh 175 between the two of them. So they are not exactly small.

boxer dog laying on his back on couch

Maximus – the big Boxer relaxing on the couch.

So yesterday when I thought I had an hour or more to quick mow, at least the front yard, to keep the neighbors from staring disapprovingly, I got a surprise. My mower battery was dead. I would like to tell you it was because I left the CD player on but that can’t be it because my wife won’t buy me a CD player for my mower. I am guessing the battery is just getting old like me and not holding a charge like we used to.

dead lawn mower battery

Disconnecting battery so I can Charge it.

Lucky for the mower battery it can be recharged. Not so with me. I gave up coffee which was my charger for 35 years. Now I have to rely on the energy reserve of a 53 year old man. Which some days doesn’t produce enough energy to light a firefly.

The battery has been on the charger over night and its raring to go. Ready to get out there and power the mower.


I slept my usual fours hours and I am less than ready to go. In fact I am hoping I don’t dose off while mowing and become mulch.

But if I do at least I won’t have to finish the lawn!




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