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We Are Making Pies

Sharon and I are busy making pies today. I have worked hard at it. I drove her to the farmers market for more apples. I took her to Big Lots for more pie plates. I even took her to lunch at A&W.

Now for the real work – setting up the table in the living room so we can watch Person of Interest while she peels apples and assembles previous mentioned pies. Did I mention she put pumpkin pies in the oven while I set up the table?

thanksgiving pies

Making Thanksgiving Pies

Of course, it sounds like she isn’t doing much but that is because I am writing this and it’s my prerogative to make me sound better than I really am.

how to make an apple pie

The pies filled with apples.

Notice under the pie plates is a perfectly staged folding table which I put up.

apple pies on Thanksgiving

Putting the tops on the pies.

fresh baked apple pies

Apple pies fresh from the oven and ready for Thanksgiving.

apple pie is my favorite but our son Christopher is more of a Thanksgiving traditionalist. His favorite is pumpkin pie so of course his mother made a coupleĀ  of those too.

pumpkin pies

Two perfect pumpkin pies.

So Sharon baked five pies and now she has a cheese cake in the oven just in case five pies is not enough for the 7 people we are expecting. Of course in our house you never know who may stop by for pie on a cold Thanksgiving night.


And she knows how I hate to be short on apple pie on holidays.




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