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Not the man for the Job

Today I had to run a few errands. Buy meat at Sam’s Club. This I can handle. Buy a birthday present for James. Drop Sharon off at work and meet her later for dinner. Again things right up my alley.

What wasn’t up my alley was the last errand added to my list.

Shopping for a baby shower gift!

Now you may think I could do this because I have kids. But I don’t have just any kids. I have boys. This was for a girl. The reason I was asked to do this was because Sharon ran out of time. She was busy making cup cakes for the shower – of course.

baby shower cup cakes

baby shower cupcakes

So off I go to buy an “outfit” for a girl who is not even born yet. I also needed to pick up a gift bag and a card. All outside my area of expertise. I went to Wal-Mart because I didn’t know here else to go and I figured I could buy all three things under their roof.

I did do it. I bought a pink bag. A fairly generic card. Those were the two easy ones. Now I had to go to the infant section and pick out clothes for a very tiny person.

Now I have picked out lots of clothes for little people. All for boys. Boys clothes are easy. They have things I recognize. Bats, balls, race cars. Saying about being a future sports star or daddy’s little all star.

Girls clothes have frills and laces and kitty cats. They are pinks and purples and other colors you don’t buy for boys. I perused the racks. It all looked foreign. I saw one with that looked okay but it had a saying about grandma. Not exactly good for a gift if you aren’t the child’s grandma.

Then I finally found one that looked like it would work. I can’t tell you what color it was or what decorations it had on it. I don’t remember. I know it wasn’t green or blue or have an 88 on it. It didn’t say anything about hitting a curve ball or making a basket.

It was girly and that was what I was supposed to buy.

So I went up to the checker to pay for it. By the way this was the Wal-Mart in Bowling Green, Ky. The one near the mall. If you ever get a chance to shop there – don’t. And if you absolutely have to, avoid Shirley the cashier. She is a very rude unpleasant person. She has no business being around people.

Oh she treated me with the customer service you expect from Wal-Mart – indifference. She priced my items. she asked for payment. I paid her.

It was the customer before me that received appalling service. It was an older man. A man at least 20, maybe more years older than me. He was proudly wearing a jacket proclaiming he was an army war veteran. He also had on an army hat. I would guess he was a Korean War veteran . Maybe even World War 2. Today that didn’t matter to Shirley. Today all that mattered was that he was irritating her by having trouble with his debit card. She rudely informed him that he didn’t enter his pin number correctly. He swore to her that he knew his number. She accused him of not having money in the bank. He said he did. She finally did it for him. She couldn’t get it to work either.

So she sent him to customer service. Not with a please or a thank you but abruptly and rudely as humanly possible.

A man who fought for America, now in the twilight of his life, subjected to treatment befitting a nuisance. A war veteran who was just trying to buy a few groceries.

It was a sad day in Wal-Mart.

It was a sadder day in America.

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