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It May Be Your Last Thanksgiving

“Some say shopping on Thanksgiving Day takes away from family time.” I read this insightful headline a few minutes ago. Next I expect to read “Sun causes daylight.” or “Basketball players are taller than jockeys.”

Of course shopping on a traditional family holiday will take away from family time. It is also a wager. Leaving your family to go out and seek Christmas deals is betting, the people you abandon on Turkey day, will be around on Christmas. It’s treating ever moment with your family as if it’s not precious. It is also saying loud and clear that you think your family would rather have an expensive gift bought on a terrific discount than spend Thanksgiving evening together.

That’s rather insulting.

I would rather spend time with my family than receive any gift. I, like anyone else, enjoy presents on Christmas morning, but if it means someone has to skip spending time with family and friends, cross me off the gift list. I want no part of that.

In 2001 my parents came to my house for Thanksgiving. We had both a roasted and a fried turkey. We had every single food item anyone wanted. My brothers; Vince, the youngest, and John, the oldest were there too. My brother Dennis’ daughters and their families were able to attend. We had a house full.

We also didn’t leave them. We stayed home. We didn’t seek out any great bargains. It was nice. It was also the last Thanksgiving my parents were alive. Can you imagine how I would feel if I would of said “Sorry Mom and Dad, Sharon and I have to go shopping because saving money is more important than being with you. By the way the pie is in the kitchen when you want some.”

Boy that would be a great memory of their last Thanksgiving.

Do what you want on Thanksgiving night but I know I am staying home. I am not giving the stores one dollars worth of an excuse to make someone work Thanksgiving next year. I am saying to the world that time with my family is more important than any sale retailers can conjure up.

None of us know when this Thanksgiving may be our last so I choose to spend mine with loved ones.

Maybe if enough of you do the same, retail workers all over America can stay home next year and spend time with their family.

Because it’s not the stores fault. It’s the shoppers fault. Business will always react to a need. If we say no to Thanksgiving shopping this year they won’t open on Thanksgiving next year.

Then maybe someone, somewhere, won’t have to go to work and miss precious time with their family.

Wouldn’t that be a gift filled with Christmas spirit for them?

But who cares about Christmas spirit when we can fight our fellow men for a better deal on a camera, computer or TV?

That’s so much more important than family time.

Then someday, the people who would rather shop than spend time with their families, can sit and watch television, play on the computer and take selfies, all the while wondering why their family doesn’t come for Thanksgiving.

But who cares as long as they got a good deal.



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