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Monday at My House

Monday is pretty quiet. Not much going on. Left to eat left overs from Saturday’s bbq smoke cooking. In fact the only sound I hear right now is Max snoring.

boxer dog snoring

It’s a little change from last night when my grandson stopped by to entertain granddad and grandma. he is pretty energetic like his father. His Dad and Mom went to play miniature golf so he was here for about 18 holes.

little boy with granddad

The floor really wasn’t that dirty. I am not saying it was spotless but some of that was shadows. I swear! He is now a few days past 1 year and chasing him keeps me busy. He discovered the stairs last night, something Mom and Dad don’t have. I got a pretty good workout making sure he didn’t fall down them.

cantaloupes from the garden

I also got my weight lifting in when the wife picked and I carried cantaloupes from the garden last night. Ten in all. Three days ago they still had a lot of green to them but after the rain and a couple of days of sun most of them were bright gold. The small one was still a little green (bottom left) but it had popped off the vine so it was included with the weight training.

After the miniature golfers were done they had some strawberry cake and then left. They took my playmate home with them.

ball and glove

This was all that was left on the floor to show he was here. Well of course he has his own glove and ball. His own bat too! Guess who took him to store when he was 6 months old and bought them for him?

He already throws pretty good but he can’t catch yet. His Dad could throw a baseball close to 90 mph in high school so I have high hopes.

So from an energetic 1 year old last night to a quiet house of dog snoring today.

That’s my life – welcome to it.

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