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Monday has to be Better

My weekend was interesting.

My youngest son stepped on a tooth pick Sunday. I can’t get a tooth pick to clean my teeth without breaking but the one he steps on goes into his foot about an inch. Had to have it removed by a doctor. You can see the details in yesterday’s post.

Went to Lowe’s Home Improvement Saturday to buy who knows what – two hours and less money later – we left with enough stuff to keep Tim Taylor busy for weeks.

We realized about a month ago we had a water leak some where upstairs. It was causing a stain on our downstairs ceiling. Looked every where for leak. Drain, seal around faucets, caulking, but no luck. It only leaks sometimes when  someone uses the shower. It always leaks when two people shower back to back.

Better representation of the real color. The green line is Frog tape for protecting trim during painting.

Old color

new paint in bathroom

New Color of Bathroom


So my wife goes to paint the bathroom and when she moves the shower curtain, out of the way, she finds a hole in our bath tub.The hole is a few inches off the bottom of the tub. It seems it only leaked when the drain couldn’t keep up with water flow and water level exceeded hole location.

How did we get a hole in our tub without knowing it? Do you have kids? I would guess the hand held shower nozzle was dropped at one time or more causing the hole.

hole in fiberglass bath tub

Hole in bath tub

So now we have a choice. Buy a new tub and pay someone to install it or fix hole in tub. Priced tubs. Ours is a one piece shower tub cabinet. Several hundred dollars.

Fixing tub is about twenty bucks in supplies. Guess what I am doing today?

How do I know how to fix a fiberglass tub? I really don’t but I have seen it done about a hundred times so I am going to fake it. When I was in college one of my best friends owned a fiberglass repair business. He used to talk me in to going on jobs with him to give him someone to talk to while the fiberglass and paint dried. We are about to see how much I paid attention.

It’s in the master bath so not too many people will ever see it. Besides we can always buy a tub if I can’t get it to hold water. Worse case scenario, I waste twenty bucks and a couple of hours.

Most people dread Mondays. I am looking forward to today. I am about to find out if I learned anything in college besides that crap the teachers were droning on and on about.

As usual I’ll keep you posted.

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