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Monsters in My Living Room

Today there were monsters in my living room.

I was in the living room watching NASCAR when monsters appeared. Not scary or dangerous monsters- little cute monster that looked pretty tasty. They appeared, like a lot of tasty things in my house, on a folding table.

They were created by Sharon, my wife.

monster invasion

This was my first clue there would be a monster invasion.

cookie icing

Then this appeared on the magical folding table.

Then more stuff appeared.

The makings of monsters

The makings of monsters

And finally the monsters began to appear.

cookie monsters

Little green monsters.

Then more monsters.

icing filled cookie monsters

Green monsters with weird eyes.

Then their friends came too.

icing on cookie monsters

Four monsters


girl monster cookies

Then girl monsters showed up next.

blue eyed cookie monster

Blue eyed, red headed monster.


cookie monsters with eye lashes.

Then monsters with eye lashes show up next.

box of monster cookies

Then more and more monsters



cookies made into monsters.

This is only the beginning.

I think there will be more monsters when she gets home from work because she left all the monster making stuff on the table and gave us instructions not to eat the plain (or monster cookies) cookies.

An as of 10:44 PM everyone has listened – as far as she knows.





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