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Cold Weather Makes Them Thirsty

empty milk shelves at WalMart
Here, like most of America, it is very cold. Right now the thermometer says it’s negative 2. If you count the wind chill it feels like negative 20. This kind of weather makes me regret my decision to give up coffee. Right now a good hot cup of...
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Another Christmas Gone

Christmas 2013 has come and gone. I received some nice gifts. My children and wife seemed happy with what they got for Christmas. My grandson was over whelmed with gifts from a large family. For the first time in years we ate Christmas dinner away from home. We...
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The Morning of Christmas Eve

I woke up this morning and did my usual Tuesday task of taking the garbage cans to the road. They aren’t actual cans, they are more like large plastic, wheeled boxes. Either way, every Tuesday they must be moved the 150 feet down the driveway to be emptied...
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Ugly Presents

Christmas tree
My wife is a world class wrapper. Like her baked goods, the presents she wraps always look great. This creates an odd situation at Christmas time. Under our tree are dozens of presents, most of which look great. Then there are the presents bought for Sharon. They look...
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Emptied the Camera on Monday

Nice pose
Yesterday I wasn’t able to do my weekly ritual of emptying my camera’s SD card. My grandson came to visit while his parents went Christmas shopping and he doesn’t think granddad should be pecking away on the computer keyboard when he could be playing with trucks and baseballs...
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A Hot Saturday Night

chocolate milkshakes Freddy's Steak Burgers
Chris was at work. John was Christmas shopping. James was with his girlfriend at the mall. We were alone on a Saturday night. What should we do? So many choices. It’s been a long time since we had a Saturday night all to ourselves. The choice was obvious....
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Guys Healthy Eating

hot dog and fries
Sharon worked tonight so James and I ate healthy. We ate protein and vegetables. The protein was an all beef hot dog and the vegetables were potatoes, pickles and tomato ketchup. It’s the male version of healthy eating. It may not be the salad Sharon would of made...
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Empty the Camera Sunday – Ice Edition

A closer look at the tree.
As I do every Sunday I empty my camera memory and post the pictures. Usually the pictures are food based. This week, due to an ice storm this morning, this Sunday’s photos are a lot of trees including a huge tree, four houses from our house, which broke...
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I am Huge

Grayson with a mouthful of cookies
Things in the mirror may be bigger than they appear. And then again they may not. I recently ordered an item online. I can’t say what because my grandson may read this story. Many of you may think he can not read because he is less than two...
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Washing the Car in December at 7 AM

It was so warm this morning, I washed Sharon’s car, after I took James to school.  It was 68 degrees, so I got out my trusty bucket and sponge and soaped it from front to back and top to bottom. I didn’t rinse it because according to the...
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