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Summer is Finally Here

how to grill chicken legs.
All my complaining about the cold weather has paid off. Today it was 72 degrees on December 4th in Glasgow, Kentucky. Maybe not summer weather but pretty good for December. Unfortunately if you want to play you have to pay and the bill is due on Friday. Friday’s...
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Christmas Less Than a Month Away

Last Year (2012)
It seems impossible to think Christmas is just a month away. Time seems to fly faster when we get older. When I was a kid years took forever. Now that there are more years behind me than ahead of me, years fly by like leaves in the wind....
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You Have to Be Kidding Me

snow in November
Today is November 25th. I can tell because yesterday was November 24th and according to the calender tomorrow is November 26th. If I didn’t know all these things I would of guessed here in the south it is the dead of winter. In Kentucky we are used to...
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My Favorite Shows

I thought telling you what my favorite TV shows are would give you an insight into my mind. These are not in any particular order. The Big Bang Theory….Sheldon, Leonard and the gang are hilarious. The only show I know of which adding characters made it better. The...
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James’ Birthday

west virginia logo cake
Today is my youngest son’s birthday. He is turning 17. In all reality he has been turning 17 for a year. He is now finished turning and will begin his assault on 18. I know what you are thinking. How could someone who doesn’t look a day over...
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Not the man for the Job

baby shower cup cakes
Today I had to run a few errands. Buy meat at Sam’s Club. This I can handle. Buy a birthday present for James. Drop Sharon off at work and meet her later for dinner. Again things right up my alley. What wasn’t up my alley was the last...
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I Need to Join a Gym

clogged sink potato peels
I, again, spent my day exercising in my own unique way. It started last night when Sharon was exercising. She was doing a little aerobic workout we like to call “peeling potatoes.” “Peeling potatoes” is almost always followed by me doing an hour or so of me doing...
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