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My Wife and Her Sweet Stuff

As I have mentioned more times than anyone wants to hear, I lost 60 pounds recently. While losing weight of any amount is hard, in my house it’s a miracle.

I am a pretty good cook as most people who have eaten my food will tell you. My kids didn’t go on the diet. So I still had to cook every night. FYI – my wife works most nights. So as I was dining onĀ  lean meat and lots of green stuff, my kids where eating things like smoked brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, deep fried chicken, buffalo wings and french fries.

Believe it or not watching them devour my favorite foods was not the hard part.

The hard part is my wife is nuts. She manages a very busy restaurant. If any of you are restaurant workers or have family who work in restaurants you know that means long, long hours. A short day to her is 10 hours. She also commutes 45 minutes each way. Don’t worry I am getting to the nuts part.

So after working in a hot busy restaurant and driving 80 miles, all day or night or both, she has a hobby that relaxes her.


She loves to come home and bake. And as you may have guessed our family and friends love for her to come home and bake.

Have you ever tried to lose weight while your refrigerator is filled with home made cookies, pies, cakes and her favorite, cheesecakes? It’s torture.

Now I could tell you that Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet squelches the cravings because it does but still I could see those baked goods right in front of me and worse I could smell them.

Trying eating a piece of turkey and a cucumber and then watch a woman make a cheesecake covered in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Cravings or not I wanted a piece – like maybe half?

I know pictures don’t taste as good but I wanted show you guys how hard it really was to lose weight in my house.


As you can see it was a Herculean effort that I lost a pound let alone 60.

She didn’t make it easy. By the way she lost 25 while making this stuff…..not bad!

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