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NASCAR New Hampshire

Today NASCAR was in Loudon, New Hampshire. It’s a track I have never visited but would like to. I have a brother who lives in northern Massachusetts so I could skip the usual NASCAR $300 a night hotel prices which makes it a lot more affordable. The problem is it’s about an 11 hour drive.

I, like many racing fans, can afford to buy tickets to races almost every week. What I can’t afford is the over all costs of hotel and tickets. Most tracks, with maybe the exception of Martinsville, are surrounded by hotels who jack up the prices and require minimum stays. In other words, 300 a night and you have to book at least four nights. Who can afford 1200 plus tickets?

So instead of spending our money on price gouging hotels we bought a 73 inch HDTV. It’s almost like being at the race.

But not quite, so I still try to get to at least one race a year. This year it was Martinsville.

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