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I Need to Join a Gym

I, again, spent my day exercising in my own unique way. It started last night when Sharon was exercising. She was doing a little aerobic workout we like to call “peeling potatoes.” “Peeling potatoes” is almost always followed by me doing an hour or so of me doing something I call “plunging the sink.”

clogged sink potato peels

clogged sink with ptato peels

Sure we could skip this part by peeling the potatoes into the garbage can, instead of the garbage disposal, but then how would I get my exercise.

This time it was a great workout. It started at about 7 PM last night and I didn’t stop till 6 PM tonight. Of course it wasn’t without breaks. Like when I took a break to go to the store and buy Liquid Plumber. I also took a break and slept about 5 hours last night.

It was at this point my arms were sore and I was ready to quit. So as a cool down I decided I would take apart the the plumbing under the sink.

p trap clogged sink

The p trap. I loosened it first to let the water in the sink drain into the pan.

It was a nice activity if you like water mixed with Liquid Plumber running down your arm while you disconnect pipes.

disconnected sink pipe

I was tempted to leave it this way so it would never clog again.

It was so nice, after a long day of plunger work, to relax by laying on the kitchen floor and disconnect pipes from under the sink. Then, just for fun, I got to figure out a way to get a potato peel cork out of a drain pipe.

I tried banging it on the side of the trash can. Wouldn’t budge. Then I thought I would use our shower massager jet setting to blow the plug out of the pipe. I rethought that because I was too tired to spend tonight plunging the bath tub.

Next idea? Take it outside and use the garden hose to clear the pipe. Why wasn’t it my first choice? Because it was 40 degrees. Not a good temperature for playing in the water but it did work.

Not only did potato peel chunks come flying out but so did two Popsicle sticks. I think they were acting as a frame work for a potato peel dam.

A good design if you are a very small beaver.

Then my workout was over and all I had to do was put it all back together.


The P-trap, gloves to keep my fingers from getting eaten by Liquid Plumber and the bowl I used to bail the sink so I wouldn’t have to catch a lot of water in my trusty pan.

So after an aerobic session of reversing my handy work my exercise for the day was done.

I really need to join a gym.

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