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A New Car

Yesterday after delivering the Tinkerbell cake we checked into buying a new car at Martin Dodge in Bowling Green, KY.

Last spring when we went to the Martinsville NASCAR race we rented a Dodge Avenger. It seemed like a good fit for us. It seated four adults comfortably. The rental was a four cylinder but it had decent power. It drove nice. So we thought we would check out the Avengers since there was some decent incentives, like rebates, right now.

We looked at a black one, a white one and we also looked at a Chrysler 200. My wife immediately didn’t want the white one. We have owned a white car and a white van but she really doesn’t like white cars. The black one was okay. It and the Chrysler both had the 4 cylinder engine. The 200 had a lot more bells and whistles than the black Avenger. It was also much more expensive and didn’t have as much in rebates.

Neither one jumped out at us so we looked at the white one. It had most the options we wanted. It has Sirius satellite radio. It has bluetooth. It has the V-6 engine. It had the rebates but she really doesn’t want a white car.

So, of course, like twice before, we bought a white car.

white 2013 dodge avenger

White Dodge Avenger in our driveway

We really would of liked the black one with the white one’s options or the white one painted black. But at least it wasn’t red. Her father, a retired police officer, always told her never to buy red because they get the most tickets. Guess what color his truck is? But that’s another story.

So we own a new Dodge Avenger and we don’t have to worry about her Pontiac G-6 with 135, 000 miles on it, breaking down between here and her work.

White or not that’s a good thing.

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