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New Stuff in Bathroom

My wife finished painting the bathroom. It used to be pink.

Better representation of the real color. The green line is Frog tape for protecting trim during painting.

The green line is Frog tape for protecting trim during painting.

Now the bathroom is green.

painted green bathroom with white trim

Green Bathroom with White Trim. The cabinets used to be solid white. They look much better with green accent.

green bathroom

More Pictures of Green Bathroom

My wife did a great job on painting the bathroom. It made a big difference.

Now for the hole in the bath tub. I fixed the hole as far as holding water. It doesn’t leak into the dining room like it did last week but it looks terrible.

fiberglass bath tub patch

You can’t tell from picture but the patch actually holds water.

Yes it looks really bad but it’s on the wall of the tub you can’t see unless you are showering or bathing. I could of sanded it more but I was afraid I would sand through fiberglass patch. I also could paint it to match but the paint was 46 dollars so I am going to think about that one. Also remember this is master bath that no one uses except the wife and me.

So to sum it up; if you need a bathroom painted call my wife. If you need a bath tub repair to look nice call anyone but me.

But remember it does hold water!

Okay so we painted the bathroom and “fixed the tub.”

So now apparently if the bathroom looks good it has to function also. This means replacing the old hand held shower head that squirted more water out of the hose than it did the shower head.

old shower head

Old Shower Head.

First I had to take off the shower head without breaking something. Not as easy as it sounds sometimes.

shower pipe without head

Shower pipe with out shower head. I wonder i she would be okay with just using this? Plenty of pressure!

new shower head and hose

Brand New Shower head and Hose. Supposes to save water. We will see.


new shower head

The new shower head. I like all the spray patterns but it feels a little cheap. The old one was all metal and lasted a couple of years. This one is just as expensive and all plastic. Looked metal in packaging.

Now we have a new shower head so what’s next? I shouldn’t have asked. The caulking around the tub looks bad. I guess we should replace it since the tub holds water now.


tub needs caulking

Tub caulking disappeared? I guess it wears out like anything else.. The tub isn’t really that color.. The green bathroom and shadows made it look that dark.

Since i am as good at caulking as I am fiberglass patching we decided to go with a peel and stick caulking strip.

peel and stick caulk

Peel and Stick Caulk. Again tub of off white not two tone of whatever color that looks like.

Peel and stick caulking strip looks good but I have my doubts if it will work as well as traditional caulking. I guess you will find out in another update if it doesn’t.

I think I am finally done in the master bath. Of course while I spent the last couple of days fighting tub leaks and shower heads my landscaping looks like a jungle.

but that’s a story for another day.





  1. Sharon says:

    You forgot to mention you also changed the seat on the toilet to match the trim and cabinet. And YES I would have noticed and not liked if you didn’t put the shower head on.

  2. J Pat Dyer says:

    I didn’t forget. I thought that was a little personal. Besides who wants to see a picture of a toilet set.

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