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Next Food Network Star

Why I watch the show The Next Food Network Star is beyond me. It may be the same reason people like to watch NASCAR. To see the wrecks. The show has been on nine years or so and it has produced one star – Guy Fieri. The sad part was I didn’t watch the show the year he won. I think he won the second year and I didn’t start watching till year 5 or 6.

Last night it was down to four people. I refuse to call these people chefs. My father was a chef and I will not demean his memory by lumping these cooks with him.

The four people were Stacey, Damaris, Russell and Rodney. Stacey was kicked off the show after a few minutes because obviously the judges are idiots. The judges by the way are Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis. The same three stooges who picked a guy a couple of seasons ago, as the next star, whose talent was making sandwiches. I kid you not!

Stacey was not my favorite but in my opinion she was second by a mile. Damaris is my pick mostly because she is a Kentucky girl but also because she has a personality. Something the others lack.

Rodney and Russell, are Fieri wannabes, in their own way.

Russell wants to have a show about culinary sins like bacon. Bacon is not a sin, you buffoon, it’s a breakfast meat. Kind of hard to get excited over a guy who thinks cooking with grilled pig belly is revolutionary. I would guess the art of bacon is older than the snake and the apple. And I wouldn’t doubt if Adam ate the apple after he roasted it in the mouth of a whole hog.

Then there is Rodney. I might like this guy if I understood a single word he says. Maybe Flay, Brown and the Networks pinup girl, Giada, doesn’t realize, TV has sound. We like it when a guy can be understood. Or maybe that’s his charm, he is so stupid it’s better to see him than to hear him.

Of course I am not really being fair. I do understand a few words, very few. A couple of them are p-i-e and s-t-y-l-e. Apparently this fedora wearing baker believes everything is better in a pie and he calls it Pie Style.

His idea for a show is; he will go into a restaurant and challenge the chef that he can make his most popular dish into a pie. First of all, how is this a challenge to the chef? Couldn’t the pie guy just do that at home in his own kitchen? He doesn’t really need the chef. And second of all, this format really isn’t going to wear well.

Imagine the premier episode, he puts a dish into a pie crust and bakes it. Then the second episode he will put some other dish into a pie crust and bake it. The third episode he is going to put a third dish into a pie crust and bake it. Guess what happens in episode four? Yes that is right. In episode four, no one is watching so it doesn’t matter!

Then there is Damaris Phillips. She is a cooking instructor from Louisville, KY. A blonde, cute, bubbly cooking instructor from the state in which I live. My wife is a blonde, cute, bubbly restaurant manager from Glasgow, KY. So it’s obvious I like this kind of person.

What also is obvious is, she should win.

Her idea is as old as food itself but with her personality I would watch it. She is going to bring on men, who can’t cook, and teach them a dish which will land them a woman.

It allows her personalty to shine. She is a cross between Paula Deen and Rachel Ray and I think men and women will watch her.

And because of that she should win but not because of the judges.

This year the format is changed. I believe, because the judges don’t know talent when they see it, they implemented a viewer vote on the last three. This will be why she wins. I think if it was left up to the three blind mice they would pick pie boy.

Why? Because they are that ridiculous. In fact they so ridiculous they attempted to stifle Damaris’ personality every step of the way. They criticized her for being too flirty when she was being nothing but southern hospitable.

I forgive Bobby and Giada for that, they are live in the part of the country where people forget there is a vast, friendly, nation that lives between Los Angeles and New York. Alton I do not forgive. He lives in Georgia for God’s sake. He should know the difference between southern friendly and flirty. And  if she was being flirty, when did it become a bad thing for cute blondes to flirt?

In spite of their efforts to squelch Damaris’ bubbly personality, her and and her personality survived. Now it’s up to her fans.

They can make it her the second person to win the show and go on to be a Food Network Star.damaris phillips Next Food Network Star

I hope the viewers do the right thing and vote Damaris Phillips as The Next Food Network Star. You can vote 10 times a day until Wednesday morning.

I have done my part – will you?

Vote here.


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