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Oatmeal and Fruit Replaced Coffee and Snacks

Oatmeal and fruit is how I start my day. This is new for me. Before March, of this year, I did start everyday with a hot cup of coffee followed by several more cups of hot coffee. It was the life blood of my energy and the equalizer of my sleep deficit.

steel cut oats

Steel cut Oats

Or so I thought.

In March I began a new diet. I know it sounds cliche but it also began a new way to live. No more coffee and certainly no more processed snacks masquerading as breakfast. It’s now oatmeal five days a week and egg whites the other two. It sounds boring but I survive and I feel better than ever. It could be because i have lost 60 pounds, since March, while eating this way. Of course they were other changes but none of them a drastic for me as going coffee-less.

For me coffee was a habit like smoking. I drank it early and often. Two pots a day was not unusual. Then I quit cold turkey one day. I had a headache for four days. It wasn’t too bad if you like the feeling of a vice squeezing your brain.

I don’t.

But even with the cravings and headache, I survived, and now I feel better than ever.

It’s amazing how you feel when you give up something you thought you couldn’t live without. Not only is it a relief to rid myself of  the artificial ups and downs of caffeine but the dependency too.

It’s liberating not to crave coffee.

I now get up and have a glass of water and a bowl of oatmeal filled with fruit or berries. It’s a change I would of never guessed I could make but I am glad I did.

My coffee dependency is gone and I bid it good riddance.

It’s funny how you don’t need caffeine when you don’t have an extra 60 pounds following you around.

Now if could just get a nap I ‘d be perfect.


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