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It May Be Your Last Thanksgiving

“Some say shopping on Thanksgiving Day takes away from family time.” I read this insightful headline a few minutes ago. Next I expect to read “Sun causes daylight.” or “Basketball players are taller than jockeys.” Of course shopping on a traditional family holiday will take away from family...
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The World Didn’t End

I never thought I’d be writing here again. I thought my last day would’ve been Monday. Not that I don’t like talking to you good people but I wasn’t going to waste my last days pecking away on a keyboard. I was sure the world was going to...
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WalMart Has Nothing to Sell

WalMart Empty shelves
WalMart, the nations largest retailer has a problem. Empty shelves. What a shame. Walmart’s inventory is growing at a faster pace than sales. In other words people are buying from WalMart slower than Walmart is buying from their suppliers. They have many excuses but anyone who has been...
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Cold Hearted Daughters

So I am watching television the other day and a commercial caught my eye. The scene shows three women – a mother and two adult daughters. The daughters ask about their dad. Apparently he fell from a ladder or roof or some other high place. Sorry I wasn’t...
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Vegetarians Live Longer

prime rib end cut
I just read that vegetarians live longer than us meat eaters. I don’t believe they live longer it just seems like it to both them and us. Have you ever met a vegetarian that didn’t announce their eating habits within seven minutes of meeting you? They seem to...
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Walmart’s Bathroom

broken urinal bathroom walmart
I’ve been in many places in my life. I have lived all over the country. I was born in Idaho. Grew up in Nevada. Went to college in California. Married in New Jersey. Owned restaurants in West Virginia. Lived through a blizzard in Pennsylvania. Moved back to New...
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Next Food Network Star

damaris phillips Next Food Network Star
Why I watch the show The Next Food Network Star is beyond me. It may be the same reason people like to watch NASCAR. To see the wrecks. The show has been on nine years or so and it has produced one star – Guy Fieri. The sad...
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Thank God It's Friday
I hear everyone Thank God It’s Friday and I ask why? I read the book God endorsed and I think I remember something about a six day work week. So why are we thankful its Friday? Is Friday the day Dairy Queen gives away free ice cream? Does...
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