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School Starts Soon

James school fees paid aside from taxes
School starts soon and today we had to go pick up James’ schedule and fill out about 1000 forms. Over and over again I had to fill in his name, my name, his mother,s name. None of this has changed since the first day he walked in to...
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Large Drinks Are My Right

new york large drinks
Large drinks are my right under the separation clause according to New York courts. The mayor wanted to ban all drinks bigger than 16 ounces because of health concerns. The courts have said he can’t do it. He obviously is missing the health benefits of drinking large beverages....
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I don’t Understand McDonalds

msdonalds golden arches
I don’t understand McDonalds. They are a restaurant chain that dominated the industry just a few years ago. They¬† are still¬† huge. They are still number one if you don’t let YUM Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long Johns Silver, A&W…etc) count as one. But they are...
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I Don’t Hear Voices of Live People

Is it odd that I have good hearing and I “talk” to people all the time but have no idea what they sound like? In fact some days go by where I talk to my kids, several times, and never hear them speak once. Just yesterday I talked...
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Hell’s Kitchen Bordering on Fraud

law vegas strip
My wife and I watch all the cooking shows. We watch Chopped, triple D, Top Chef, Master Chef and all the rest. Last night we watched the finale of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox. If you are not familiar with this show it features a group of chefs who...
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Barbecue is Not Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

hickory smoked beef brisket
Barbecue is a process of cooking meats at very low temperatures for a very long time. It is not grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. McDonalds is not a barbecue restaurant. Coney Island, not famous for bbq. So next time you invite me, which after this post will probably...
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A Great Employee

I am scared for America. Our democracy has turned into anarchy. There is mass confusion and no supervision. Corporate America is running a muck and I am the only one that cares. Me and Chrissy. Me you know but let me tell you about Chrissy. She works in...
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Talking Heads Wear No Pants

As I watch the talking heads on the various news programs I have one question. Do they were pants? I used to wonder if they had anything important to say but I have come to a conclusion on that one months ago. They do not have anything useful...
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Dr Phil

Is Dr. Phil the dumbest rich guy in the world or am I nuts. This guy can spend more time saying less than anyone since Howard Cosell died. All he does is state the obvious in words any Mississippi mayor would be proud of. This guy makes Jed...
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