Barbecued Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Barbecued beef short ribs is one of my favorite meals. The short rib is a little bit more difficult to tenderize but the flavor makes the extra effort more than worth it. Beef Short Ribs Recipe Ingredients 3 lbs. beef short ribs is what I use but amount...
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I thought Cats liked Tuna

I was trying to stick to my diet and eat protein for a snack. My choice was Рtuna  packed in water. Have you ever tried to eat tuna around a cat? Cheeto would not shut up til I gave him some. Then he showed his thanks by...
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KFC Buffet

I was on a diet for four months. I am, as you know if you pay attention, taking a Summer hiatus from it. I want to enjoy my Summer and that’s hard to do if you are dieting. I don’t want to go wild and gain weight but...
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Foggy as Pea Soup

I have already been out today and if you don’t have a red nosed reindeer you may want to stay indoors. As my father would of said “it’s foggier than pea soup out there.” I always wanted to ask how foggy pea soup was but in the 60′s,...
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Dairy Queen

I took a day off from my diet and took the kids and wife to Dairy Queen. When I say kids, I mean two out of four, but they were mostly an excuse for me to get a S’mores Blizzard. It helps me sleep at night if I...
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Smoked Chicken Wings

smoked chicken wings
As you are beginning to learn, I’ll smoke anything that doesn’t smoke me first. Today it was chicken wings. I am a big fan of chicken wings of any kind but smoked may be my second favorite. My first, is of course, buffalo style. One of the reasons...
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Walmart – things I wonder about

While I walk around WalMart I wonder many things. Do these people own mirrors? Am I the only person who can read the sign that says “20 Items or Less” Has anyone ever thought to themselves while leaving, “Wow! That was great service.” How fast is Sam Walton...
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Boneless Prime Rib Recipe

prime rib slice medium rare
Boneless Prime Rib Recipe – it’s not just for Christmas dinner anymore. If you follow this simple step by step boneless prime rib recipe you can look like a cooking star. It also covers cooking a bone in prime rib so don’t worry if that’s what you chose...
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Cooking Tip Brisket – Where to Buy

smoked bbq brisket
Many people have asked me where is the best place to buy a beef brisket. I haven’t bought one at every store, so my comparison data base is limited, but I can tell you where I buy mine. Sam’s Club. First of all, for full disclosure, I don’t...
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