Conserving power

I saw on TV that our local power company – The Electric Plant Board – was asking people to conserve power between the hours of noon and 4 pm to keep our electric rates down due to peak usage. I am a community minded guy so I thought...
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Beer Can Chicken

This is one of my family’s favorite summer time dinners. However since we live in a town that doesn’t sell packaged beer I often substitute root beer. Just make sure it’s not diet if you substitute. It’s really one of the easier ways to cook chicken on the...
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Chef Salt – the base for all my meat rubs

More often than not when I am cooking I am either sprinkling or massaging a meat rub into something. Most of those meat rubs are simply Chef Salt or Chef Salt with an ingredient or two added – like maybe brown sugar and cumin or chili powder. CHEF...
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Coffee and me

Coffee is an old friend of mine. My Mom drank a pot a day and I inherited the addiction. Oh, I am not blaming my Mom, it’s not her fault. In fact I picked up the habit of drinking coffee outside of her house. After high school I...
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Pork Shoulder Oven Roasted Grill Seared

pork shoulder on gas grill
Today I wanted to slow smoke a pork shoulder. I had bought it on sale a couple of weeks ago for .99 cent a pounds and thawed it out yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t get it started early enough so the slow smoke route was not feasible unless we...
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Maximus – one of my favorite things

Maximus with my youngest son James
Our family has two Boxers and a cat who thinks he’s a Boxer. I am not really a cat person which is okay because our cat is not really a people person although he does like my wife.  We have a male, Maximus, and a female Boxer, Christmas....
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It’s Sunday…it must be time for NASCAR

On 36 weekends a year I watch NASCAR. On two of those weekends I barely pay attention – today was one of those two. The reason is,  they were racing on a road course. Many people like the road courses. I am obviously not one of those people....
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Rabbit for Breakfast?

The Great Rabbit Hunter
I was offered rabbit for breakfast.  It isn’t my favorite. Eggs on toast covered in chili is my favorite. I am not even sure rabbit is allowed on the Fast Metabolism Diet. A diet I have been on since early March. (FYI – I’ve lost 56 lbs so...
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Am I old fashioned?

Last night I was watching Chef Gordon Ramsey, on one of his obscenity filled TV programs, when I wondered about a couple of things. When did it become socially acceptable to swear on television – bleeped or not? There was a time in this country when people could...
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