My Last Smoke

I have quit smoking for the year. Smoking meat that is. I smoked my last meat of the year on James’ birthday Tuesday. I smoked a beef brisket. I smoked a pork shoulder. I smoked a few chicken thighs. I also smoked a pan of pinto beans with...
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James’ Birthday

west virginia logo cake
Today is my youngest son’s birthday. He is turning 17. In all reality he has been turning 17 for a year. He is now finished turning and will begin his assault on 18. I know what you are thinking. How could someone who doesn’t look a day over...
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Not the man for the Job

baby shower cup cakes
Today I had to run a few errands. Buy meat at Sam’s Club. This I can handle. Buy a birthday present for James. Drop Sharon off at work and meet her later for dinner. Again things right up my alley. What wasn’t up my alley was the last...
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Turkeys Got Loose in the House

Turkey Cookies made from Hershey Kisses, Oreo cookies and other sweet stuff.
I fell asleep in the recliner two nights ago and when I woke turkeys were loose in the house. Sharon was bust herding them into a small box but a few were still on the table.   She managed to catch all of them. These turkeys are going...
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I Need to Join a Gym

clogged sink potato peels
I, again, spent my day exercising in my own unique way. It started last night when Sharon was exercising. She was doing a little aerobic workout we like to call “peeling potatoes.” “Peeling potatoes” is almost always followed by me doing an hour or so of me doing...
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I am covering the Glasgow High School football game tonight. Should be a good game. When I say good game it means I expect Glasgow to win. A bad game is when Glasgow loses and I have to interview a coach right after his favored team was defeated....
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A Busy Day

long grass in backyard
Today I have about a thousand things to do and probably won’t get any of them done. I need to – still – reinstall the stairway rail. I need to replace the two screen doors on the deck. I need to clean my office. I need to clean...
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More Exercise

Again today I got a workout. You know what I did yesterday if you read my post. You know I got an unusual workout. Today was more of the same. I didn’t ride a stationary bicycle like some. I didn’t lift weights like others. I didn’t even go...
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Exercise Comes In many forms

People get exercise in different ways. Today I got mine by jacking up my mini van and fixing the rear tire. Last night when I went to pick up Chris from work it was brought to my attention, by a nice young man parked next to us, that...
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