The Great Pumpkin Will Be Late

trick or treats
The city government has ruled therefore we must obey. Halloween will be tomorrow. Who cares that parents took days off. Who cares that people spent hours making caramel apples. (Don’t be ridiculous it wasn’t me it was my wife. I however did contribute by pausing the TV when...
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Halloween – What is it good for?

Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is a Christian feast day patterned after Celtic harvest festivals. In America and other countries it is observed on October 31st. I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the U.S. we celebrate it by sending our kids door to door pan handling...
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Yellow Lights Blinking

I live in Glasgow Kentucky and recently they have updated their traffic light systems. Instead of the standard red, green, yellow system they have added blinking yellow lights to the left turn lanes. I don’t like it. Now many of you may think I am one of those...
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Empty the Camera Sunday October 27 2013

The elusive bird.
Pies, birds and deer. All the other pictures were used or will be used in posts so it’s a little boring this week. Not the usual exciting shots of my dogs or cat or kids. All weeks can’t be jackpots. Only the weeks i visit Reno!  
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Monsters in My Living Room

icing filled cookie monsters
Today there were monsters in my living room. I was in the living room watching NASCAR when monsters appeared. Not scary or dangerous monsters- little cute monster that looked pretty tasty. They appeared, like a lot of tasty things in my house, on a folding table. They were...
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Wildlife in Kentucky

deer in the backyard in Glasgow, KY
Many people would say Glasgow, Kentucky is short of the wildlife. These would be people looking for another kind of wildlife than I enjoy. They would be referring to the lack of bars in our town. When we moved here it was a dry town. Absolutely no sale...
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My Stupid Phone

I obviously have a stupid phone. Oh it’s supposed to be smart. In fact it’s supposed to be one of the smartest phones made. It’s a Samsung Galaxy3. It’s rated right up there with the latest Apple whatever. It has an app for almost anything you can think...
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Not A Big Fan

I am not a big fan of this weather change. In the least few days the weather has cooled off. It’s not winter but it’s not summer either. Today, the high was probably 60 or near it but it felt colder. It was one of those dreary, windy,...
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