Pot Chuck Roast with Vegetables

seared chuck roast
Chuck roast is one of my favorite cuts of beef. It’s flavorful. Some people may think it has too much fat but that’s what makes it flavorful. The section called chuck is one cut from the rib eye. The cut which a prime rib comes from. That’s correct...
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As American as Apple Pie

fresh baked apple pies.
Yesterday at my house was as American as apple pie. Mostly because my house was filled with apple pie. If you remember from yesterday’s post, my wife, Sharon, bought a bag of apples from the farm market with the promise she would make apple pies. Last night she...
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Halloween Decorations

harvest decorations
Yesterday was obviously October 15th. A little more than two weeks before Halloween. Sharon is feeling almost back to normal after her bout with kidney stones. So she decides she wants to decorate for fall and Halloween. We stop by a farmers market. Our son John happens to...
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Empty the Camera Sunday October 13 2013

My raised garden beds have become Halloweem graves.
Another installment of the world wide sensation – Empty the Camera Sunday! With baited breath the world waits to see what pictures I have taken this week. There is a rumor in Washington that the government shutdown is nothing but a cover for people taking off work to...
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Brisket and Bean Chili

brisket and beans chili
Even my family has a hard time eating a whole brisket in a few days. So what to do with the leftovers? To start with – my leftovers are a couple of pounds of smoked brisket and 2 quarts of smoked pinto beans. I begin by placing the...
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Driving School

dairy queen bad service
My youngest son is learning to drive. Anyone who knows me, knows, I am not good at riding with anyone. If I am in a car I am driving or not enjoying the ride. So to ride with a 16 year old as he learns to navigate my...
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She’s Feeling Well

Finally Sharon is feeling well. (For those of you who haven’t read me before, she had a kidney stone. Not just any kidney stone but the Hope Diamond of kidney stones. A stone so big they broke it into 8 pieces to remove it. It was stuck in...
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After the Hospital

dairy queen blizzard cheesecake
Continued from yesterday………She does her business and they send her home from the hospital. We go through the drive thru at Walmart and drop off her prescriptions. They said it would be 25 minutes. We go home and I get her settled. She doesn’t need the prescriptions yet...
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What a Weekend

wife in hospital
This has been quite a week. Last Saturday began like any other weekend day. I got up early and picked John up from work then I did a few things waiting for the West Virginia football game to start. It was an eleven AM TV game. Then I...
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The World Didn’t End

I never thought I’d be writing here again. I thought my last day would’ve been Monday. Not that I don’t like talking to you good people but I wasn’t going to waste my last days pecking away on a keyboard. I was sure the world was going to...
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