Too Incompetent to Deserve Bailed Out

front of dodge avenger
Chase Auto Finance owned by JP Morgan/ Chase bank sent us a letter today. Letters are nice. I like getting letters. This is the first letter we have gotten from JP Morgan. We have been doing business with them for over two years. They have sent us bills....
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WalMart Has Nothing to Sell

WalMart Empty shelves
WalMart, the nations largest retailer has a problem. Empty shelves. What a shame. Walmart’s inventory is growing at a faster pace than sales. In other words people are buying from WalMart slower than Walmart is buying from their suppliers. They have many excuses but anyone who has been...
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Proteins and Greens

Today sleep has alluded me. I have been up since 4:20 AM when Sharon had to get up for work. Thankfully I was in bed by 1:30 when Christopher got off work so I got a cool two hours and fifty minutes of sleep. So refreshing to get...
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Yard Work Before It Rains

long grass in backyard
This afternoon it is supposed to rain so I need to mow my lawn before it does. The other reason I need to mow my lawn is it looks like a wheat crop right before harvest. If you read me much you know I am not fond of...
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T.J.’s Birthday

blowing out birthday candles
Last night our oldest son came over and we celebrated his birthday. His birthday is actually the 22nd but him, his girlfriend and his Mom all have to work that night so we did some holiday shifting. It doesn’t seem so long ago that he was a little...
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Thursday Morning

shredded paper
It seems like I have a lot to do today except when I say it out loud. Finish cleaning my office, mow the lawn, buy hickory chunks for this week’s smoked meat. FYI -It will be power smoked beef brisket. Cleaning my office will take more time than...
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Kmart – Is It Just me?

Again I ask, is it just me? Technically this time it wasn’t me. It was Christopher. I was just a long for the fun. Since we live in a small town with limited shopping we decided to try Kmart. Actually we were forced to try Kmart. Not by...
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Dairy Queen – Is It Just Me?

dairy queen blizzard not full
Is it just me or do other people receive crappy service everywhere they go too? Last night we go to Dairy Queen, Granted Blizzards are on sale and it was busy – for about ten minutes. The ten minutes when we walked in. There was no line inside...
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