Up at 4:20 AM to Cook Steel Cut Oats

steel cut oats
This morning I was awake at 4:20 AM. This is not a time non- farmers should rise. I did it because Sharon had to “open” this morning. Opening means she is the first manager in and that means getting to work by 6 AM. I get up because...
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Cold Hearted Daughters

So I am watching television the other day and a commercial caught my eye. The scene shows three women – a mother and two adult daughters. The daughters ask about their dad. Apparently he fell from a ladder or roof or some other high place. Sorry I wasn’t...
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Empty the Camera Sunday September 15

The cake sharon made
Instead of Empty the Camera this should be called 60′s Wedding Sunday. Yesterday we attended a friend’s wedding. It was a 60′s theme. Sharon made the groom’s cake. So all the pictures this week are of the cake and the wedding.  
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Sideline Casual Dining Glasgow, KY

apps, salads and entrees
Last night we stopped at Sidelines Casual Dining for dinner. It’s sort of a sports bar or at least it tries to be.  If you live in or around Glasgow you are familiar with this place. If not, I am sure you have something similar in your town....
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Teach Me To Whine

A couple of days ago I was whining about getting up at 6:15 AM. Little did I know.  The next day I had to get up at 4:15 to take John to work and tomorrow I have to awake at 4:45 to take James to meet a bus...
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Baby Sitting at My Age

grandson playing
I have raised four great sons. And yes four is the total number. It’s not like I raised four great sons, two or three average sons and an idiot daughter. When I did most of the hard work of raising kids I was in my late twenties and...
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Watermelon from Sam’s Club

hollow watermelon sam's club.
My wife bought a watermelon at Sam’s Club. Buying a watermelon anywhere is a crap shoot. You have to thump it and lift and smell it and then you can still get a bad one. Of course you can buy one precut at WalMart for more per pound...
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Early to Rise

fondant lillies and sunflowers
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. But what about 1 out of 2? I went to bed about 1 AM last night and was up at 6:15 AM. Not so much by choice but more by habit. Sharon is working 10...
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Fried Chicken,Fried Potatoes and Corn on the Cob

Last night I cooked a traditional Sunday dinner with one exception. Instead of mashed potatoes I made fried potatoes. My kids like chicken legs the best so I fried nothing but legs. I used my outdoor propane fryer. The great thing about the propane fryer is, I could...
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