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Pepperoni Rolls

If you have ever had Pepperoni Rolls you may be a redneck.

Or at least from West Virginia. Pepperoni Rolls are a local favorite in the whole state of West Virginia and especially in the north central part of the state. They were invented in Fairmont, a town we lived near for about ten years. And ever since, we have loved the doughy little delights.

Pepperoni Rolls were developed by a local restaurant for coal miners to carry into the mines in their lunch buckets. They were great because they didn’t need refrigeration. With that being said, if you have ever had a Pepperoni Roll hot from the oven you know a taste you’ll never forget.

So at this point you are wondering why I am babbling on about the rolls. It’s because last night my wife made some. When she makes them, she makes the dough from scratch and loads them with incredible amounts of pepperoni and cheese. I think, if we had to buy them prepared, this way, they’d be about ten bucks a piece.pepperoni rolls

pepperoni rolls for dinner

It may not be the most calorie conscious dinner I have ever had but after mowing the lawn it was great to come in to the smell of them baking and even better coming in and eating a couple.

Yes I ate two.



  1. Samuel says:

    I want two too! They look great!

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