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Pork Shoulder Gas Grill Recipe

Cooking a pork shoulder on a gas grill isn’t much different than cooking one in a vertical propane smoker.

Both of them are going to take hours upon hours to get the perfect pork shoulder.

My recipe begins with a Boston Butt Pork Shoulder. Confusing as it may seem the Boston Butt is part of the front shoulder of a pig. The name comes from the shape of the cut and not location.

When I cook a shoulder on a gas grill I inject it with a mixture of apple juice and pork stock made from pork base and water. If you can’t find pork base, beef base will work fine. I mix it with apple juice, half and half. The reason I inject on a grill and not on the smoker is because the smoker has a water bath and it is a tighter unit. With a grill you can put a pan of water in with the shoulder while it cooks but most grills aren’t designed to keep the smoke and vapors inside the lid like a smoker.

I rub mine with a simple blend of spices like chef salt or seasoning salt.

Preheat your grill but use only half your burners. If you have an odd number of burners use less than half. Five burners use two, Three burners use one. Pretty simple.

One the grill is preheated turn your burners as low as they can go.

If you want smoke flavor, buy a smoker box. You can usually pick one up for six or seven bucks at Lowes, Home Depot or even WalMart. Then , of course, you will need wood chips.

Place the smoker box on the hot side. Also if you decide to add a water pan put it on hot side also.

Place your pork shoulder into a pan you don’t mind getting discolored from smoke. Place onto cold side of grill.

pork shoulder on gas grill

Pork Shoulder Prepped for Gas Grill

Optional; I like to slice an onion and throw into the pan also.

Close lid and wait.

If you notice the smoke has stopped before 4 hours I would add more wood chips but be careful the smoker box will be incredibly hot.

Watch your temperature on your grill. Ideal temperature is 225 – 250 degrees.

Using a meat, probe style, thermometer check pork after 8 hours. You are looking for an internal temperature of 200 degrees.

I would expect the pork to be 150 -160 degrees at this point.

Remove the shoulder, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and place back into grill.

Keep check at least every hour until it reaches 200 degrees.

Remove at 200, let it rest for 30 minutes then shred, pull, chop or simply slice and eat.

pork shoulder smoked on gas grill

You can cook it quicker but you will sacrifice moisture.

For quicker, everything is the same but adjust your grill so it is cooking at 300 degrees. Wrap the pork shoulder after three hours and  cook until an internal temp of 200 degrees.

It will still be very, very good.

Feel free to ask questions, I will reply as quick as possible.


Pork Shoulder on Gas Grill
How to cook a Boston Butt Pork Shoulder on Gas Grill

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 12 hours

Yield: 20 servings

  • Pork shoulder
  • seasoning salt
  • pork base
  • water
  • wood chips
  • apple juice
Inject shoulder with pork base, water and apple juice. Preheat grill, spice rub shoulder. Cook shoulder until internal temperature of 200 degrees.

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