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Pretty Calm

Pretty calm today. The highlight so far was taking the trash to the road.

Not exactly news worthy but it did get me some fresh air if you count the inhaling of week old trash as fresh. Let me tell you it didn’t smell all that fresh when I popped open the lid to see if the boys took out the trash from the basement. In fact it smelled like the mixed fragrances of a man cave gone bad.

trash day in Glasgow Ky Tuesday for meLined up like like kids waiting for the school bus. Another couple of weeks and the kids will be lined up on the street like trash waiting to be taken to the dump. I imagine the trash cans are happier about that than the kids.

All in all it’s been a slow day so far. It will pick up soon as I post a recipe or two. I also have a few items on my to do list like shampoo my wife’s office. Our female Boxer decided it was easier to “go” in there than to step outside this morning. Who can blame her? I don’t like “going” outside either. Besides, at 9 years old, can we really expect her to be house broken?

I know I could but that may be because I am the only person in the family who has mastered the carpet shampooer. Hey, I think there may be a conspiracy afoot!

The shampooer isn’t much harder than vacuuming. You don’t suppose the family doesn’t want to learn because then they could shampoo their own office?carpet stain from 75 lb dogYou are probably thinking, “Why isn’t he shampooing the carpet now because that’s kind of gross?” The obvious answer is – it’s kind of gross and I have to let my breakfast settle before I tackle the stain.

I’ll let you know how it comes out….No pun intended.


  1. Sharon says:

    Minor correction…I did shampoo my office the last time Christmas decided to use it as her personal toilet…..It just didn’t seem to work out as well. You are the master in yet another room in the house and I bow to thee….

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