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Rabbit for Breakfast?

I was offered rabbit for breakfast.  It isn’t my favorite. Eggs on toast covered in chili is my favorite. I am not even sure rabbit is allowed on the Fast Metabolism Diet. A diet I have been on since early March. (FYI – I’ve lost 56 lbs so far.) But on the diet or not I didn’t consider eating the rabbit.

The reason? It was dragged to me by my son’s cat. It was a nice thought but I’ll pass. I am sure Cheeto meant well. I am sure he has seen me shed pounds and thought I needed a little more protein.

The Great Rabbit Hunter

The Great Rabbit Hunter

He was wrong!

Hopefully I’ll never be so deprived of food that a cat mangled rabbit looks appetizing. I actually appreciate the cat’s effort but what I don’t appreciate is now I get to dispose of a dead mangled animal. Things like that don’t bother me but if I had my choice I wouldn’t want to do it. Especially first thing in the morning.




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