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Rain rain go away…..not really!

It rained all morning, which is unusual most years but not this one.

Where I live in Kentucky the summers are normally dry. When I say dry, I mean like the bottom of the milk carton my kids leave in the refrigerator dry. Not an ounce of moisture!

This year is different. This year it seems like it has rained everyday. Which looked upon at face value seems like a pain but is it really?

It rained today and what did I have planned? I was going to mow the lawn.

Darn the grass is just too wet to mow.

You can’t tell by my lawn but I live in a neighborhood where people mow their grass hourly. Their hair is longer than their lawns. I would call them manicured but I have never seen finger nails clipped this neat.

Most years, this gets my longer than theirs lawn, the unapproving stares of my neighbors, as they drive by…..but not this year!

My lawn is longer than neighborhood norm by about 4 feet and I can stand in it proudly because everyone knows you can’t mow a wet lawn.

So the next time, you complain about the weather, remember it could be worse.

The sun could be shinning!





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