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The Refrigerator and Me

If I was a refrigerator I wouldn’t be worth a nickel.

Recently our beverage refrigerator quit working. Actually, quit working, isn’t accurate. It was working fine if you like your beer or soda 55 degrees. I don’t.

It was a great refrigerator. It held enormous amounts of fluids. Plus it was free. Friends of ours owned a bar that closed and gave it to us. It was made to hold cases and cases of beer. Perfect for our basement where cases and cases of kids hang out. Perfect till it quit getting cold.

So we needed to replace it. Not so much for the kids but because it was great for overflow. Times like Thanksgiving when we have a lot of things that need refrigerated and after Thanksgivings when we have leftovers. So we went to buy a refrigerator.

We decided this refrigerator was going to be in the garage. It makes more sense since the kids are drinking less soda and Sharon is doing more baking. The garage is much closer to the kitchen than the basement and a lot less stairs to carry turkeys, cakes and other heavy items.

Being a refrigerator for the garage meant it didn’t have to be perfect so we looked at the scratch and dents – nothing. Then we looked at the clearance stuff and got lucky. A nice little 15 cubic foot model was marked down from $599 to $399. We were about to buy it when the sale person said if we waited we could probably get a better deal. She said there was only one left in the warehouse and once it was sold they would sell the floor model and mark it down even more because it had a very small ding on the side.

We decided to give it the weekend then buy.

We came back on Monday and it was still there but it now had a pretty big dent in the front door. Still okay for a garage refrigerator. It also now had a sign saying $349. Not bad!

We talked to the sales person and asked about the dent and she didn’t know what we were talking about so we showed her. She made a call or two, on her walkie talkie, and asked us if we wanted it. We did.

She said we could have it for $200.

Bingo! We have a winner.

We paid and received another $10 off for using the store credit card and arranged for the free delivery.

So the delivery guys show up the next day and wheels it into the garage and while they are unhooking the dolly I mention we were pretty lucky to get the refrigerator so cheap.

dent and ding floor model refrigerator

Dinged refrigerator.

He then proceeds to tell me he was the one that dented it. He was moving a model next to it and hit it with the dolly.

Then it occurred to me. If I was a refrigerator I wouldn’t be worth a nickel. With all my dents and dings I would of been marked down to nothing, long ago.

It’s the way it is with life. No matter how cute and cuddly you look when you are born, and I was extremely both, the dings and dents of life diminish your street value. You no longer rate a proud place in the kitchen of life. You are a garage refrigerator.

Still working, still useful but not worthy of being out in the open where guests may see you. You are kept in the dim light of the garage. Where your dings and dents don’t show as much.

My new refrigerator knows it’s place and so do I and we are okay with it.

It may be the garage of life but if you enjoy a good cold turkey sandwich it’s the best seat in the house.


  1. Sharon says:

    Only you can make a story about a Refrigerator bring me to tears. I’m glad I found the perfect refrigerator 23 yrs ago it to was the best bargain. Slim and Trim but still had lots of room inside. We filled it up with lots of great and sometimes not so great memories. Your still the same slim and Trim wonderful person I know and I hope you keep running for many more years.

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