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Rib Eye Steaks are My Favorite

Rib eye steaks are my favorite steak. Probably because they are loaded with artery clogging beef fat and beef fat is tasty. Especially if you render it to a grilled candied perfection.

New York strip steaks are pretty good. Filet Mignon (tenderloin) is over rated but still better than a baloney sandwich any day of the week. Chuck steaks are loaded with flavor but hard to get them tender on a grill. Although the price of Chuck steak does make it a tempting buy when I am shopping for my next grilled meal.

But when I am not thinking economics and just flavor, I buy Rib Eye steaks.

rib eye steaks on gas grill

Rib Eye Steaks Grilled with Pablano Peppers on my old Gas Grill.

The rib eye steak is basically a piece of raw sliced prime rib.

prime rib for rib eye steaks

Prime Rib before it is cut into Rib Eye steaks

In fact if you like rib eye steaks as much as I do you may want to buy a prime rib and cut the steaks yourself or have the butcher cut them. It will usually save you a dollar a pound or more. About an inch thick make good grill sized steaks. You may want to go an inch and a half if you like medium rare or rare. It makes it easier to get a good sear without overcooking the middle of the rib eye.

rib eye steak with beans

Rib Eye Steak with beans

The best way to grill a rib eye steak is to get your grill as hot as possible on one side. Place on grill. Turn after two minutes. Season with salt, pepper and onion powder. And pull after two minutes on second side.

Before removing the steak from the grill simply touch it. If it feels room temperature it will be rare. Warm to the touch – medium rare. Hot, hotter and hottest – medium or more.

Other names people call the rib eye steak or variations of it.

Rib steak – usually has bone still attached

Cowboy Steak


In Australia it is known as a Scottish Filet

what ever it is called I like it and I bet you will too.


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