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Salvation Army – I felt like I was drafted

Yesterday was my wife’s day off. It was eventful as usual. Ate breakfast, ate lunch, ate dinner with a few things thrown in between.

One of those things was a visit to the Salvation Army store. Why? Because I made the mistake of driving by it while I was trying to avoid the Goodwill Store. You see, even though we are not rich, we can afford to buy things new, but what would be the fun of that? Why go to a store where everything is unused and better yet organized into logical departments, instead of just thrown anywhere and everywhere, when you can buy things someone else threw away?

I am thinking it has something to do with the the female instinct to gather but I haven’t figured out exactly how.

When we lived in Florida I was dragged to these types of stores on a few occasions. The Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in South Florida were like shopping in Macy’s. Clean, well organized and the stuff looked new. I assure you, the stores in southern Kentucky are not similar. The stuff in these stores looks like the things the city dump rejected. Besides, they always has a smell I can’t identify and really don’t want to. It’s seems to be cross between a hibernating bear and a bowling alley shoe.

But does this stop my wife?


shopping salvation army store

She likes wandering around these places looking for something to buy.

And believe it or not she seems to find bargains that don’t smell. It’s usually something I wouldn’t buy but it is something she finds a use for and at a fraction of the price of new. It also helps a good cause. So everyone wins, I guess.

But I am still trying to figure out the gathering thing and yesterday was more bewildering than ever. The items she decided to buy were baskets. Plain wicker baskets.  So does she buy them because she wants to gather baskets or does she buy them so she can use them to gather more things?

It’s not exactly a question equaling Einstein or Darwin’s theories but it keeps my mind off the smell while she shops.

buying baskets salvation army store



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