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Saturday Without Smoke

Saturdays I usual smoke meat but today I didn’t. Today was the start of the college football season for my beloved West Virginia Mountaineers so I spent a couple of hours watching them.

wvu stadium

James in front of the stadium where the West Virginia Mountaineers play in Morgantown, WV

The Mountaineers won but it wasn’t pretty. They had to come from behind to beat William and Mary 24-17. Not exactly a hopeful start but a win is a win and I’ll take it.

After the game I called my oldest brother. It is his birthday today. I won’t say how old he is but I am 53 so I will call it 53+.

Now I am deciding if I should clean my office or work on a very cluttered garage. Both needs to be done but since it’s 95 outside and probably hotter in the garage, I think the office would be the better choice. A nap sounds better than both but taking a nap in my house is the equivalent of taking one in the middle of a crowded bus station.

My kids and animals have a sixth sense about me napping. They ignore me for hours but if I doze off in the recliner the animals will need to go out and the kids will need fed or vice versa. The only kid around right now is James and he has a couple of friends over. He is pretty self sufficient but if I fall asleep they will undoubtedly be hungry. He can feed them but whatever they choose to eat will need microwaved. I hate the microwave timer when I am sleeping.

I probably should get to cleaning. The office is a mess but maybe I can make a dent in it and give me hope it will one day be clean.

One day far, far away.



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