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What an exciting Saturday!

I mowed the front yard.

I watched hours of NASCAR prerace only to see the Quaker State 400 rain out.

There were other things but they weren’t as exciting.

Checked the mail. Read the mail. Threw away the junk mail.

Dropped my son to Amtgard (a Live Action Role Play Game).

An hour later picked up my son from Amtgard because it was too hot too play. Who would of thought, on June 29, it was too hot to run around the park. I would of by the way but he didn’t listen to me.

Talked to friends on the phone.

Ate oatmeal for breakfast. Ate three chicken wings for lunch. Ate chicken salad for dinner. Had a couple of snacks.

Like I said, an exciting Saturday.

You should hear about my boring Saturdays but only if you need some sleep.


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