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School Starts Soon

School starts soon and today we had to go pick up James’ schedule and fill out about 1000 forms. Over and over again I had to fill in his name, my name, his mother,s name. None of this has changed since the first day he walked in to kindergarten, believe it or not.

Then I had to write our address another 17 or 18 times. This hasn’t changed since 2005. Then our phone numbers – no change since 2006.

But all that didn’t bother me – much. What did bother me was when they asked me to sign one more form before leaving.

A check for 140 dollars!

Now I am fully aware it costs money to educate a child. What I am not fully aware of is what’s being done with the property taxes we paid.

I know a big portion of those taxes are ear marked for school tax but again, I know it costs a lot to run schools. The fees I paid today are aside from normal costs. They are lab fees and things but I still resent it.

I know a lot of people will say I need to pay those because they are specific to my child and I can understand that point of view.

I can understand James is an honor student and it costs more to teach the kind of courses he takes. But society also benefits more from the education he is getting.

He will graduate high school with several college credits. In everything from Music Appreciation to Cisco Networking. Music he probably will not use past high school but if you want your internet to work in the future you will need kids like him educated in the inner workings of computers and the networks where they run.

But still I understand why you don’t want to share in the fees. James, hopefully, will be paid handsomely for his work and he isn’t going to share that with you. Fair enough.

What’s not fair is, you don’t help pay for his education but I get to help pay for the kids who went a different route.

James has never been in trouble and I bet he stays that way. My guess is he will not cost society one cent for higher prices due to shop lifting, the need for more police protection on our streets, jails or a million other things my taxes help pay for.

But I don’t get a choice. I get to pay those fees for kids who were far from honor students and it’s not fair.

So I propose I’ll write the check for 140 dollars today but the parents of children who chose another route, get to write the checks for the thousands and thousands the misguided students cost our communities every day.

It’s only fair.

James school fees paid aside from taxes

James at Beaver Trail Park

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