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Scrambled Eggs Has to Start Somewhere

For me it was Mom’s spaghetti. For you it may have been meat loaf. For James it may be an omelette.

Yesterday I realized of all the things my son James can cook none of them require a skill beside putting it in a pot, pan or microwavable dish and heating. I know cheese omelettes aren’t exactly brain surgery but we all have to start our culinary journey somewhere.

I could of taught him Mom’s spaghetti but I vowed never to cook that again once I tasted real spaghetti. When I was small my Dad worked nights as a chef and never, ever cooked at home.  My Mom made many, many things that were good but spaghetti wasn’t one of them. It was mostly cheap pasta covered in not much more than ketchup and ground beef.

As bad as that sounds it did take some skills a young boy had to learn if he was going to be able to cook. Stirring sauce, timing the pasta and chopping onions being a few of them. Again not surgery but it led me to being comfortable in a kitchen.

Cheese omelettes take a little finesse to be better than average and with a little more practice James’ eggs will be excellent and hopefully it will give him the confidence to cook anything.

breaking eggs

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette

beating eggs for omelet

He was a little too gentle with the eggs at first.

beaten eggs for omelet

He got a little more rough and beat the eggs.

eggs into pan for omelet

He seems to score a direct hit with the eggs.

eggs in pan

omelet cooking in pan

Fluffing the edges to give the omelette a little more body.

omelet cheese

He may have fluffed a little too much but he’ll get better with practice.

cheese omelet with toast

James put cheese in it before he folded it. Then placed a simple piece of American cheese on top.

I think James did a pretty good job for his first time making an omelet.

Maybe next time he’ll try brain surgery.

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