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Shock Jocks

If shock jocks want to shock us why don’t they do something besides make fun of people?

You can tell these idiots live in big cities because guys like that wouldn’t be called shock jocks in small towns.
They would be called “those guys who are always getting their butts kicked for insulting people”.

It’s not that I don’t find some of what they do funny. At times I find Howard Stearn to be hilarious. But unfortunately those times are getting fewer and fewer all the time. More and more he reminds me of the jerk in the back of the high school class that disrupted the teacher because he was too stupid to shut up and learn. You know the guy. He always had a bunch of misfit weasels with him who laughed at everything he did because they were too dumb to have their own thoughts. Then one day they woke up and realized they didn’t have enough credits to complete school so they got jobs being shock jock groupies. So now they sit around laughing at their idol because they still don’t have any original thoughts. But at least now they do get paid.
Isn’t our country wonderful? Only in America would everyone know the name of the class ass but couldn’t name a single scientist if their life depended on it. But of course that’s because the scientist makes less money.
Mmm, I wonder why our kids don’t see the importance of school?

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