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Sideline Casual Dining Glasgow, KY

Last night we stopped at Sidelines Casual Dining for dinner. It’s sort of a sports bar or at least it tries to be.  If you live in or around Glasgow you are familiar with this place. If not, I am sure you have something similar in your town.

We have only eaten at Sidelines a couple of times before and it wasn’t good. We hadn’t been there in several months, maybe a year, so we thought we would give them another chance. We should of thought again.

We pulled into the strip mall parking lot where it is located and noticed right away there weren’t very many cars in front of Sidelines. Remember this was Saturday about 7:30. We couldn’t decide if this was a good sign or bad. Good that we could get right in. Bad that no one else was deciding to eat there.

We ventured inside.

The hostess was pleasant and sat us right away.

Lucky for us we got to sit at the table closest to the kitchen door. Open tables everywhere but that’s where we get to sit. The server came right over and asked us for our drink order and inquired about appetizers. Apparently apps are $1.00 off on Saturdays – another clue.

She took our drink order and hovered over us like a vulture in a rest home. We felt compelled to order something to get rid of her so we blurted out “chicken wings.”

She disappeared and reappeared a couple of minutes later with our drinks. She said our wings would be out in 8 minutes. We placed our entree orders. I ordered a small sir loin steak. Sharon ordered beef tips over rice. They both came with salads and a side. Sharon asked for french fries and chose green beans. I was trying to be calorie conscious because there is a Dairy Queen across the street and Blizzards are on sale.

The server stopped by a few minutes later and said our wings would be out in about 8 minutes. She came by again in a few minutes, dropped off a plastic cup of ranch dressing and some house sauce for wings and said, you guessed it, your wings will be out in about 8 minutes.

Next time we saw her she brought our wings. Six wings for six bucks and that was after the dollar off. All second joint sections.

The wings weren’t to our liking but that was okay. It just meant we don’t like they way they make them. Some people may like them, we don’t.

About two minutes later she brought our salads. I had ordered oil and vinegar. It was balsamic vinegar. A little strange but I ate it.

She said she would bring me another drink.

She returned almost immediately without my drink but carrying a rack with two kinds of steak sauce, ketchup and mustard.

She came back again in about two minutes with our entrees.

apps, salads and entrees

Entrees, salads and appetizers all at once. Notice how much salad she still has left?


It was quite a table full.

Sharon’s beef tips amounted to four gristle covered pieces of beef with mushrooms over rice. She said the flavor was okay but the gristle was too chewy to eat. The server, who was on us every two minutes before we got our food was now  nonexistent.

My steak was like eating a belt with seasoning salt. The beans were greasy and the bread, which appeared to be a toasted hot dog roll, was hard and crunchy. Not in a good way.

The server did make an appearance after several minutes and low and behold she had my second drink. It was a in a glass half the size of my first but it was finally there for me.

She then asked Sharon how her beef tips were. This is exactly what she said, “How are your beef tips? Okay? Good.” Then she walked away. This was without Sharon saying a word.

But at least it made us laugh.

She never asked about dessert, which was fine because Dairy Queen was calling.

She brought the check. We paid and left.

FYI – I did, against better judgement, tip her.  It was only 15% and I usually tip at least 25%. But in my defense the food was not her fault. She could have been better but a lot of it was out of her control. A lot was but I have a soft spot for servers. They work hard.

We went to Dairy queen and ordered two S’mores Blizzards. They, of corse, were out of the stuff needed to make S’mores Bizzards. We switched to Heath Bar. They were buy one at regular price and get a second for 99 cents. They are normally $3.59 for a medium.

The Blizzards could of been blended more but they were good. Not a full cup, but almost full.

You really can’t disappoint me if you mix Heath Bar candy into vanilla ice cream.

It made me forget about Sidelines for awhile and I thank the Dairy Queen, wherever she is, for that.

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